How to publish an Open Access article?

Follow our standard guidelines and possible journal-specific requirements when submitting your article to the journal you selected. After your article has been accepted for publication by the editorial board, to publish your article in Open Access, you should prepare (in a free form) and submit your Open Access application to the editorial board with a copy to


The application must include:

  1. The title of the journal your article was submitted to and the title of the article itself.
  2. The sponsor of your research.
  3. The funding source for Open Access publication (the name and details of the organization that will be the signatory to the agreement about covering the article processing charge (APC)). If the editorial board has informed you that no APC will be taken, please indicate that "APC is covered by the journal/publisher."
  4. The contact details of the author who will coordinate the publication process.

Together with your application, you must enclose the Letter of Consent signed by all authors (who thereby confirm their agreement for the article to be published in Open Access and their willingness to pay the APC). If the editorial board has informed you that no APC will be taken, please remove item 2 from the Letter.

Once the APC has been paid or a guarantee thereof has been received by the publisher, the manuscript undergoes editorial and preprint processing and is then published with the Open Access marking.


The fee for publishing and posting an article in Open Access is US $3500 for an article of no more than 15 pages of a journal's final CRC (approximately 30 pages in MS Word, can be clarified in the journal’s editorial office). If this length is exceeded, the amount of payment increases proportionally, and a supplementary invoice will need to be paid. You can coordinate the total number of pages with the journal’s Editorial Board when submitting the manuscript, the Editorial Board will give recommendations to the production department (to change the size of the figures / tables, etc.) or suggest transferring some of the materials to the Supplementary Materials.

You can independently generate a receipt for standard payment or payment within the RFBR "Ekspansiya" competition.



Also, please, note:

  • Your article will not appear on the website without signed Letter of Consent and before receipt of APC payment or a guarantee thereof.
  • Your decision to publish the article in Open Access is final and cannot be revoked once the final version of the article has been prepared. Your payment can only be refunded if it is discovered that the article cannot be published in Open Access for reasons beyond authors' control while the article is being prepared for publication. In the latter case, the article will be published as an ordinary article.
  • The APC is not refunded on an author’s request nor when the author has not complied with publication rules, including plagiarism, etc.
  • The APC does not include any additional fees such as the charge for processing full-color illustrations or for substantial revision of an already prepared article or any of its parts.
  • Each article goes through the standard article-preparation cycle, which includes interim author’s proofing and final galley proofing in PDF format.


If the funder of your research demands that the results should be published in Open Access and you cannot easily identify a journal that suits the subject area of your research, please, do not hesitate to contact us at We will try and help you by suggesting journals that best fit your research.