Pleiades Publishing Declaration

7 March 2022

Pleiades Publishing is deeply saddened by the unfolding events in the Ukraine and condemns any military action which leads to the loss of lives. Our thoughts are with those affected. We are deeply saddened by the situation and concerned for our colleagues on the ground as well as the community of researchers with whom we work. We will continue to do all that we can to support them and are working to find solutions for individual situations. For over 50 years, Pleiades and its subsidiaries have been bridging the gap between scientists in all the territories of the Eastern Europe and other countries. For the past 30 years, this work has been done in close cooperation with Springer Nature.

Science and research is built on collaboration without regard for race, religion, gender or politics. It has the power to build bridges, advance understanding and help solve the world's challenges. True to this principle, our journals have international editorial boards who accept articles from authors in all corners of the world and make their decisions based on globally accepted evidence based peer review and COPE. Our journals are independent of any state run organization and are free of any political agenda in their editorial decisions.

While we will diligently adhere to current international sanctions, we are committed to the need of keeping access to knowledge open in Russia and to providing opportunities for Russian manuscripts to be accepted and assessed in our standard, independent manner.

Finally, we are deeply concerned about the evolving humanitarian crisis. Our shareholders are actively supporting international organizations in their efforts to help those affected.