Guidelines for manuscript preparation

General Requirements

The files of a manuscript should be submitted to the editorial board through the publishing portal of Pleiades Publishing or by other means as requested by the editorial board. The electronic version of a manuscript should include files that contain all elements of an article (text, tables, and illustrations) in PDF and DOC formats (or DOCX, RTF, or TEX for journals that accept materials prepared in TEX) and the original files of illustrations in line with the technical requirements. Recommendations for preparation of manuscript text can be found here. When submitting the manuscript by e-mail, the manuscript files and accompanying documents should be compressed in one archive (preferably a ZIP file).

The manuscript should contain the complete affiliation of each author, including country, city, zip code, and address for correspondence, as well as the e-mail address of the corresponding author. Since proofs are sent to authors only by e-mail, it is recommended that additional backup e-mail addresses be included. If a manuscript has several authors, it is recommended that the e-mail addresses of more than one author be included, and that these addresses be checked regularly.

Should you have any questions, please contact the editorial board. If you do not receive a reply, please use our web-based feedback form.

Publisher's Style File

Style file is used to simplify manuscript preparation for publication. This makes it possible with just one click to adjust styles for the selected fragment as required by manuscript preparation standards. The style file alleviates all worry about the parameters of manuscript formatting.

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Typesetting Rules

Recommendations for Typesetting Text in Microsoft Word.

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Preparation of Illustrations

Requirements for illustrations.

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Supplementary materials

Requirements for Supplementary materials are published online in English-language journals.

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Recommendations for Typesetting Text in TeX and LaTeX

General guidelines for manuscript preparation in LaTeX 2ε and additional packages.

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