Pleiades Group of Companies


For over 50 years, Pleiades and its subsidiaries have been bridging the gap between scientists in all the territories of the Eastern Europe and other countries. Pleiades is an American company that publishes more than 20,000 articles per year in its over 180 English language journals which are registered in the USA and indexed in international databases, such as Web of Science and Scopus.

Pleiades has international editorial boards who make their decisions based on globally accepted evidence-based peer review and COPE, and accept articles from authors in all corners of the world. For historical reasons, the majority of the authors come from countries in Eastern Europe, such as Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. Pleiades journals are independent of any state-run organization and are free of any political agenda in their editorial decisions. Pleiades is committed to advancing science and serving researchers by keeping access to knowledge open and ensuring that manuscripts are reviewed and accepted in strict compliance with industry leading, independent standards.

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