Copyright transfer agreement form

Legal Basis for Preparation and Publication of Manuscripts

Works of science (scientific articles) are intellectual property protected by applicable copyright laws.

Pleiades Publishing, Inc., Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., and Allerton Press, Ltd., publishers of scholarly content in the English language, notify the authors of the following important issues in manuscript preparation:

  1. The publishers publish and distribute English-language articles only upon signing copyright transfer agreements.
  2. If authors borrow or adopt content (illustrations, quotations, tables, etc.) from other sources, they should obtain permission from the copyright holders to use this content. A copy of written permission should be submitted together with the manuscript.
  3. References to the sources of borrowed or adopted content must be given in a manuscript in all cases.
  4. Before submission of a manuscript, authors should familiarize themselves with the requirements of a specific journal, journal policies, guidelines for authors, and ethical requirements.
  5. Editorial boards consider only original manuscripts that have not been published in English or other languages before submission. Otherwise, the publishers reserve the right to withdraw or retract the article and require the authors to restitute all relevant losses.

By signing the agreement, the authors guarantee that they have familiarized themselves and agree with its conditions. These agreements are contracts of adhesion.

The copyright transfer agreement should be filled out using MS Word or hand-printed, signed by all authors (coauthors and copyright holders) and the scanned. The agreement is a bilingual document (in English or Russian). The content is the same in both languages.

Please submit copyright transfer agreements together with the manuscript to the editorial board of the respective journal via the Editorial Publishing System or via email if the journal is not registered in the Editorial Publishing System. Contact information is available on the web pages of specific journals.

All submissions must be promptly confirmed by the Editorial board.

A copyright transfer agreement enters into force if a manuscript is accepted for publication. If your manuscript is rejected by the editorial board of a journal, the agreement doesn’t come into force. The decision on acceptance of a manuscript for publication is the exclusive right of the editorial board of the respective journal.

All questions regarding copyright transfer agreements can be sent by e-mail to You can use our web-based feedback form or contact the editorial board.