How to publish an article in a scientific journal?

Step 1:
Choose a journal:

Choose a suitable journal.

If you have already selected a journal, proceed to the next step.

Step 2:
Online service:

To submit your manuscript, register on the Editorial Publishing System as an author and log in. In the Journal Dashboard select Browse Journals for Submission and select your journal.

Some journals have not yet registered in the Editorial Publishing System and may not be available for manuscript submission. In that case, please contact the editorial office of the chosen journal and ask how to submit a manuscript.

Step 3:
Manuscript preparation:

Before submitting your manuscript, please make sure that the manuscript and all accompanying documents comply with the guidelines for authors: return to Submission guidelines or visit the journal page on this site.

If guidelines for authors are missing or incomplete, please refer to manuscript samples and publisher’s guidelines on manuscript preparation.

Step 4:
Fill in the copyright transfer agreement form:

Download a copyright transfer agreement form and fill it in. Collect the signatures of all coauthors.

If the manuscript is rejected, agreements will not come into force.

Step 5:
Manuscript submission:

Submit the manuscript and track its status on the Journal Dashboard.

If the journal is not accessible through the Editorial Publishing System, please ask the journal editor to specify how and when the journal editors inform about the status of a manuscript.

Please note that the publisher has no information on the status of a manuscript or contact information on the journal editors other than those shown on this web site.

Step 6:
Manuscript acceptance:

If the manuscript is accepted for publication, it will be assigned to one of the journal issues and forwarded to the publisher.

The editor of the journal must provide you with information on the issue number and time of publication.

The publisher will send you a galley proof and the final version of the article in PDF format.

If you have any questions:

You will find the most frequently asked questions from the authors in this section. If you fail to find your question, please ask our experts.