Membranes and Membrane Technologies

Publisher: Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

ISSN PRINT: 2517-7516
ISSN ONLINE: 2517-7524


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The journal is exclusive academic journal in Russian Federation in the field of membranes and membrane technologies. The prime focus of is:

  • new membrane materials, highly efficient polymeric and inorganic membranes;
  • hybrid membranes, nanocomposites and nanostructured membranes;
  • aqueous and non-aqueous filtration processes (micro-, ultra-, and nanofiltration; reverse osmosis);
  • gas separation;
  • electromembrane processes, fuel cells;
  • membrane pervaporation and membrane distillation;
  • membrane catalysis and membrane reactors;
  • water desalination and waste water treatment;
  • hybrid membrane processes;
  • membrane-based sensors;
  • membrane extraction and membrane emulsification;
  • mathematical modeling of porous structures and membrane separation processes;
  • membrane characterization;
  • membrane technologies in industry (energy, mining, pharmaceuticals and medicine, chemistry and petroleum chemistry, food industry, etc.);
  • membranes for environmental protection (“green chemistry”).


Russian and International Membrane Societies.


Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, Naver.


Membranes and Membrane Technologies
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