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Supplementary materials

To describe your studies better, the article can be supplemented with various additional files (audio, video, presentations in various formats, tables, and illustrations) provided that the author reserves the right for these supplementary materials that has not been granted to others or the author has written permission to use these materials for the purpose of publication in the journal. Supplementary materials are published online only in English-language journals at http://link.springer.com.

Requirements for Supplementary materials:

  1. The article should be self-contained. Supplementary materials should not include information that is critical for understanding the article.
  2. Supplementary materials are published as provided by the authors. The publisher will not make changes to them.
  3. All files should be named consecutively: «ESM_1.mpg», «ESM_2.pdf», «ESM_3.xls», etc.
  4. The article will contain a reference: «Supplementary materials are available for this article at and are accessible for authorized users».
  5. Supplementary materials are a part of the article, and they are subject to all the requirements for the article by the applicable law. Supplementary materials are eligible for copyright protection and the author must sign the respective copyright transfer agreement that covers the respective sup-plementary materials.