How to receive royalties

All questions about obtaining information on royalties for publications in the English-language journals published by Pleiades Publishing should be sent to the editorial boards of the journals.

The partner bank to pay authors’ and compilers’ royalties is OOO Expobank.

How to receive royalties

Step 1:

Sign up for receipt:

Telephone for an appointment: +7 (499) 444-02-65.


Royalties are available at Expobank branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk.

Step 2:

Prepare documents:

To speed up the registration procedure at the bank, please download and fill in the form attached.

To receive your royalties, please have your passport on hand. Russian citizens should have valid national Russian passports. Foreign authors with foreign passports should additionally have notarized Russian translations of their passports.

To receive royalties by procuration for your colleagues (relatives), fill in the procuration form and notarize or duly countersign it at the grantor’s workplace..

Please note: procurations prepared in any form will not be accepted!

All authors who are not tax residents of the Russian Federation and who apply to OOO Expobank for royalties should provide information on their country of tax residence and appropriate tax identification number (TIN). To confirm your tax number, present the appropriate document: a certificate of tax number assignment (Tax Certificate), as well as the completed application form attached.

For details, see Documents

Step 3:

Apply to the bank to receive royalties:

You are to apply to the bank and receive your royalties on the day of your appointment. You are to apply with the prepared documents to the bank branch that you have chosen during the appointment.

The addresses and working hours of the bank branches are available in the section Bank branches.

Please be sparing with possible lines and long service times at the bank; this is inevitable due to a large document flow as accounts are opened and payments are made, affecting the service time of each customer. However, the opening of a bank account is a onetime procedure, and, as increasingly more people have opened their accounts, the service time will be reduced substantially.