Dear authors!

To speed up the registration procedure at the bank, please, if possible, download and fill in the attached form in advance.

To receive your royalties, please have your passport on hand. Russian citizens should have valid national Russian passports. Foreign authors with foreign passports should additionally have notarized Russian translations of their passports.

It is also desirable to furnish INN (if available); this will speed up the account-opening procedure (it is sufficient to give the number, the certificate itself is optional).

To receive royalties by procuration for your colleagues (relatives), it is necessary to fill in the procuration form and notarize or duly countersign it at the grantor’s workplace.

Please note: procurations prepared in any form will not be accepted!

All authors who are not tax residents of the Russian Federation and who apply to OOO Expobank for royalties should provide information on their country of tax residence and appropriate tax identification number (TIN) as required by Article 142.2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation and Russian Government Resolution No. 693 of June 16, 2018, On the Implementation of International Automatic Exchange of Financial Information with Competent Bodies of Foreign States (Territories). To confirm your tax number, present the appropriate document: a certificate of tax number assignment (Tax Certificate), as well as the completed application form attached.