Declaration on Publication Ethics and Unacceptable Practices

Approved by the Scientific and Publishing Council
of the Russian Academy of Sciences September 18, 2012

Nauka Publishing House publishes journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Russian language. Pleiades Publishing and its division Allerton Press, Inc. translate from Russian the journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other scholarly journals that appear in their original languages in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union and publish them in English (Russian Library of Science program). Original versions of the journals and their English-language versions differ: English language versions exclude some articles that are not research papers; some journals exclude less-interesting research articles; some of the English-language journals are composed of articles selected from several Russian-language journals.

The publishers of the Russian- and English-language versions of Russian Library of Science journals support the same principles as other leading scholarly publishers. These are described by Springer, a distributor of Russian Library of Science journals, in documents on publication ethics and unacceptable practices:

We strive to guarantee the quality of journal publications and follow the principle that the publisher bears the main responsibility for the integrity of scholarly publications. We do our best to help editors-in-chief, editors, and peer reviewers follow ethical standards accepted by major publishers and providers of scientific information. Adherence to standards is necessary to maintain high quality of scholarly publications, public trust in the results of scientific research, and author recognition.

We, the publishers of the English- and Russian-language versions, affirm that it is necessary to exclude falsification, plagiarism and self-plagiarism, duplicate submissions, multiple copying of similar information in different research papers, false authorship, and misrepresentation with respect to authors' impact on their publications.

In the English-language versions, we select papers from original publications that have already passed all stages of peer review. Editors, authors, and peer reviewers must report any interests that may affect their fairness when submitting, editing, and reviewing manuscripts (conflict of interests). These may be financial, personal, political, religious, and intellectual. Peer reviewing must be objective.

For more information, we recommend the article Best Practice Guidelines on Publication Ethics: A Publisher's Perspective, published in International Journal of Clinical Practice, Graf C., Wager E., Bowman A., et al. Int. J. Clin. Pract., 2007; 61 (s152):126.

President of Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., A.E. Shustorovich