Dispersed Cuticles from the Shikhovo-Tchirkee Locality
(the Kazanian Stage of the Vyatka River)

A. V. Gomankov

Geological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pyzhevskii per., 7, Moscow, 109017, Russia

Received February 12, 1996

Abstract—In the Shikhovo-Tchirkee Locality, the Upper Kazanian Substage is represented by lagoonal depos-
its of an anoxic environment rich in dispersed plant compressions. The cuticles show a considerable floristic
diversity, with new genera and species, but the assemblage is, on the whole, compatible with the current view
of the Kazanian flora of the East-European Platform. New taxa Phylladoderma (Aequistomia) kazanica sp. nov.,
Phylladorina paradoxa
gen et sp. nov., Tatarinopsis superior gen. et sp. nov., T. inferior gen. et sp. nov., and
Conifericutis meyenii
gen et sp. nov. are described.

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