Architecture and Technology of Neuromorphic Memristive Chips

N. V. Andreevaa,*, V. V. Luchinina, E. A. Ryndina, M. G. Anchkova, A. A. Romanova, D. A. Chigireva, D. S. Mazinga, M. I. Gerasimovaa, E. N. Sevostyanova, V. V. Trushlyakovaa, and Yu. A. Demina

a St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University “LETI,” St. Petersburg, Russia

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Received 15 September, 2021

Abstract—One of the promising approaches to the creation of a new electronic-component base is the use of multilevel neuromorphic logic structures based on thin film memristive compositions. Experimental prototypes of memristive synapses are implemented. Memristive devices with the effects of multilevel resistance switching based on heterogeneous (consisting of a sequence of dielectric layers) thin-film structures providing analog (multilevel) restructuring between energy-independent states in terms of resistance in the range of seven orders of magnitude are developed. Possible variants of circuit solutions for neuromorphic modules are presented.

Keywords: heterogeneous metal-oxide structures with multilevel resistance switching, neuromorphic memristive chips

DOI: 10.1134/S2635167622070035