Appearance and Basic Functional Elements of an Interactive Multimodal Hybrid Conformal Microsystem for Real-Time Transdermal Biomedical Monitoring and Correction of the Body Condition

I. K. Khmelnitskiya, V. V. Luchinina,*, K. G. Gareeva, N. V. Andreevaa, O. S. Bokhova, O. A. Testova, V. M. Aivazyana, Yu. D. Orekhova, I. V. Mandrika, A. M. Karelina, D. O. Testova, and S. E. Parfenovicha

a St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University “LETI,” St. Petersburg, 197376 Russia

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Received 26 August, 2021

Abstract—The constructive and technological solutions of a new-generation interactive multimodal hybrid conformal sensor-correcting microsystem are presented. Functional modules of the microsystem made in the form of an ultrathin bracelet or patch with the possibility of being fixed to human skin are considered. The advantages of the proposed microsystem, its purpose and possible applications are discussed.

Keywords: hybrid microsystem, flexible printed electronics, transdermal biomedical correction, multimodality, biocompatibility, epidermal monitoring, electromagnetic safety

DOI: 10.1134/S2635167622070114