Performance Enhancement of Multi-Antenna Relay Link in LTE Het-Net1

R. K. Mugelana, * and M. A. Bhagyavenia, **

aDepartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600025 India

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1The article is published in the original.

Received 19 June, 2018

Abstract—In this paper, the relay link performance for an Amplify and Forward (AF) multi-antenna relay based heterogeneous LTE (Long Term Evolution) network is enhanced with two novel techniques, the Golden codes and Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) based Constellation Combiner (ECC). The performance evaluation of the proposed co-operative LTE Het-Net is done in a real time indoor environment using Wireless open Access Research Platform (WARP). The proposed techniques for the LTE Het-Net are compared with traditional Alamouti Scheme with Maximal Ratio Combing (MRC). From the obtained results it is seen that the LTE network with proposed techniques gives a 12% improvement in EVM than the conventional LTE network.

Keywords: LTE, Relay Network, Golden Code, EVM, ECC, MRC and WARP

DOI: 10.1134/S1064226918110050